SkillSelect—no better time to express your interest

Thanks to SkillSelect, skilled visa processing has never been faster, which is great news if you’re interested in working in Australia.

The system was introduced on July 1 last year and the first invitations were issued through SkillSelect in August, resulting in 2717 skilled visas granted five months later—processed well within the processing time standards.

If you receive an invitation through SkillSelect to apply for a skilled visa, you have all the details for your visa application ready in a complete EOI.

People who have had their visa granted through SkillSelect have contacted us to share their positive experience. Kapil, who submitted his EOI in October 2012 and was invited to apply for a skilled visa in November 2012 said:

‘I really appreciate the way my visa got processed so quickly. As promised the new streamlined visa processing using SkillSelect is very efficient. Another great thing to point out is that the website has all the required information for a candidate to process their application. I have done the visa processing all by myself and found all the relevant details from the official website.’

SkillSelect identifies overseas workers with the skills that are most in need in Australia. State and territory governments are using SkillSelect to search for overseas skilled workers. To date, they have nominated 3700 points tested skilled EOIs and 218 business innovation and investment EOIs through SkillSelect.

So if you have a skill Australia needs and meet the visa requirements, log into SkillSelect today and tell us about yourself and what you can bring to Australia’s workplace. You may be invited to lodge a skilled visa application sooner than you expect.

SkillSelect is an online system so you can start your EOI at any time. If you’d like to find out more about SkillSelect you can read previous blog posts or visit the SkillSelect website at

The department welcomes all feedback, compliments and complaints. If you’ve been granted a visa through SkillSelect you can let us know about your experience through our website.

Stay posted for another blog post next week about top tips for submitting an EOI in SkillSelect.

106 thoughts on “SkillSelect—no better time to express your interest

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The next invitation run will be conducted on Monday 18th of Febraury. We conduct invitation runs on the first and third Mondays of each month.

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog.

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for your blog comment.

      The occupation of Florist is actually in the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL). This list applies to certain visas, namely the subclass 190, subclass 489 State or Territory Nominated, subclass 457 Temporary work, subclass 186 Employer Nominated, and, subclass 187 Regional Sponsored.

      You may be eligible for one of these visas. You can find our more information about these visas and their requirements on our website at:

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog.

  1. good afternoon

    I have completed EOI and got message from skilled select that I can apply for visa, but when i wan to apply it ask for employer which I have not got. How can i complete in this case. I am in Australia and I did Diploma in Hospitality Management.

    Thank you

    • Hi Tej Karki,

      Thank you for your post.

      Employer sponsored visas (subclass 457, subclass 186, subclass 187) require you to have an approved employer sponsor before you can apply for the visa. If you do have a job offer from an employer they are required to lodge a nomination application first and have it approved by the Department. Once the Department has approved that nomination you can then lodge your visa application.

      More information about the employer sponsored visas can be found at our website at:

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

    • Hi Govinda,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There are various skilled visas which have different requirements. If you would like to know about which visa may be more suited to your skills please refer to the SkillSelect website at:

      Alternatively, if you have in mind applications for a specific subclass of visa please let me know and I’ll be able to provide general information to assist you further.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  2. Hi,

    I have completed my accounting degree on 2010 in Australia and applied for 489 family sponsored visa on last November and granted the visa on Jan 2013. At the same time I have applied for NSW state sponsorship and now my file is processing and I will get my sponsorship within two weeks time. My question is, as now I’m holding 489 family sponsored visa can I again apply for 190 visa once NSW state approve my sponsorship? If I can apply, would I able to provide the same medicals for 190 visa, which I have done last December for 489 family sponsored visa? As I seen from DIAC website medical is valid for 12months.
    This time I’m thinking to apply visa by my self as last time I applied it via an agent and their fee is pretty high. Is my case complicate ? ( as I’m switching from 489 visa to 190 visa)

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Hash,

      Thank you for your post.

      Most health examination reports are valid for 12 months; however some may be valid (time limited) for only six months if certain medical conditions come to attention in the assessment. You are encouraged to submit the health assessments you have already undertaken for the 489 visa and the case processing officer will be able to determine whether they are still valid for the purposes of the 190 visa.

      We cannot comment on your individual circumstance as the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa falls within the Department’s priority processing arrangements which means processing times are dependent on a range of factors and individual processing times may vary, even if you have obtained state government nomination.

      Should you be invited to apply, and your visa application is allocated, you should discuss this further with your visa processing officer. They will be able to provide you with further advice regarding the validity of your health examination reports.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  3. hi
    why there is no regular updates on skillselect website? right now it says Next SkillSelect Invitation Rounds to be held in January 2013.
    its 8th february now.
    it would be better if we get regular monthly updates about invitation rounds.


    • Hi Redwan,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The new report and invitation round announcement will be updated next week.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  4. Do I need to sit for IELTS or asses my degree before applying for EOI.
    I have already set the date for the IELTS and applied for assessing my degree.

    • Hi Samir,

      Thank you for your post.

      The EOI process asks particular questions about your IELTS results and skills assessment result. Accordingly, you do need to sit your IELTS test and have your skills assessed before you can submit a complete Expression of Interest. If you are invited to apply for a visa, the information in your EOI will be used as part of your visa application. You will then need to confirm your claims and submit evidence with your application.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

    • Yes Samir, the EOI asks you to enter the English Language Test Details with individual scores on each area. It also asks whether you have got your skills assessed with a reference number. This information is used to calculate your points and the invitations is issued on the basis of points. The same information is then verified when you receive invitation for visa and submit your documents.

      I would suggest, write your IELTS and get your skills assessment letter and then submit the EOI.


  5. Hi Mairin
    I’m extremely excited about skill cellect. Sent my Vettasses docs for lodgement to Adelaide thru Network Migration. Then they say I must do an English exam and motor trade practical. Thereafter I can lodge for state processing. How does skill cellect fit in with this process? I’m currently living in South Africa and applying as a Motor Mechanic ANZSCO code 3212-11
    Kind Regards
    Benny Theron

    • Hi Benny,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I am glad to hear that you are extremely excited about SkillSelect.

      The Subclass 190 State and Territory Nominated (Permanent) and the Subclass 489 State and Territory (Provisional) require you to have an invitation before you can apply for these visas. When you submit an EOI in SkillSelect the State or Territory that is sponsoring you will be required to nominate you via SkillSelect, this will then automatically generate an invitation to allow you to apply for the visa.

      For more information on the SkillSelect EOI process please refer to our website at:

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  6. Hi, I have applied for visa 457 in december 2012 and still waiting for visa to be granted currently im on BVA in Australia. Can u please tell me how much time it takes to approve 457 visa if all the requirements have already been fulfilled including employer sponsership and medical check.
    I have also applied for Nsw state sponsorship as an accountant in november 2012 and lodged EOI at same time , I hv got an acknowledgement from DIAS for EOI but still waiting for state sponsorship. Please advice when should I expect it?
    Many thanks.

  7. Hi,

    Would you please tell me how long is the waiting period now for the invitation to apply in the case of Registered Nurse ( aged care) by NSW state sponsorship 190 visa?


    • Hi Jissy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      As I have previously mentioned in another reply, invitations to apply for State or Territory sponsorship work a little differently. NSW have their own process for selecting candidates you may want to refer to their website which will give you more information at:

      Once you have satisfied their application process for sponsorship, NSW will then nominate you via SkillSelect which will generate an invitation.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  8. Hi,

    I have a question regarding choosing visa in expression of interest.
    Can I choose to express my interest for the 187 visa (regional sponsored) if I do not have an employer? I know, I will not be able to apply for the visa until I find an employer. But if I lodge my eoi for that visa, can employers view my profile and possibly contact me to nominate me? Or I should not lodge eoi for that visa unless I already have an employer?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Berbara,

      Thank you for your post.

      Yes, SkillSelect is a free service also designed to assist skilled migrants to display their skills and other credentials for registered employers to see. If an employer is interested they can contact you through SkillSelect and you will receive their correspondence in your SkillSelect account.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  9. Hi
    I am currently in 457 long stay visa
    How I can change to skill select
    I have 6 band but I don’t have 6 in 1 module there any chance that I can apply for skill select visa for permanent residency while I am in 457 visa ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sanoj,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes you are able to submit an EOI in SkillSelect while you are on a 457 visa.

      In relation to your question about not having a band 6 in all modules I can only assume you are talking about your IELTs results. If this is the case, Points Tested Skilled migration visas require at least a competent result in all four criterias which is equivalent to 6.

      For more information about the English language requirements please refer to the link below.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  10. Is it true that its not sure that you will get 15 pts even though you have a bachelors degree? I heard that it depends on the school. How would we know if the school we graduated gets 15pts? Is there any list for Philippine universities?

    • Hi Teng,

      Thank you for your post.

      It is true, it does not necessarily mean that all overseas qualifications are at the Australian Qualifications Framework standard. The department will need to be satisfied the qualification attained is of a recognised standard to a qualification awarded by an Australian institution.

      You can find out if your qualfication is of a recognised standard by asking your assessing authority to specifically mention what your overseas qualification is equivalent to under the Australia Qualification Framework in your skills assessment.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  11. Good day,
    I have assessed my overseas bachelor degree and got a positive assessment for 485 visa along with a condition that inorder to apply PR I must am have either professional year in Accounting or score 7 bands in academic.
    As per the new 190 visa condition, I thought to apply for this visa and in requirement I have 50 points and the another 5 points I can get from professional year,where I have already enrolled.
    Here is my main query that is, I did not complete my professional year and I have a provisional assessment will still able to apply 190 visa. Thank you

    • Hi Khan,

      Thank you for your post.

      The question about the Professional Year in the EOI specifically asks you if you have completed a professional year. In the help text it also says that the professional year completed must be no less than 12 months.

      In your case you can’t really say that you have completed a professional year because you are still undertaking that particular program. If you are invited to apply for a visa, the information in your EOI will be used as part of your visa application. You will then need to confirm your claims and submit evidence with your application. So it’s best to have the correct evidence at the time you submit the EOI.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  12. Good day. Hope all is well.
    I am sitting with a problem. I have been going through so many links and have read so many people comments , so I am very confused and wish there is someone who can help me.
    We as a family have decided to want to move to Australia, preferably Perth. We did that assessment and it says he should do a skills visa.
    We don’t have a sponsor so we are not sure what to do. And now they say you must complete a E0I.
    Now one set of people say you can do the EOI and then do the english test and the other half say we must first do the english test, get all the verifications from the Australian trade place then once that all is done, then only do a EOI.
    We don’t know what to do anymore. Is there a check list of what you need to do in order to go through the skills visa without leaving anything out?
    Thank you so much for your time.

  13. Very informative article. I am going to apply for assessment by ACS. The company that I worked for 5 years ago, is no longer exist. The owner has sold the company and it has renamed.In that case does it create any problem if i submit my experience letter with previous company name.

    • Hi Sudipta,

      Thank you for your post.

      I am glad that you found the blog informative. Any evidence of skilled employment you hold, including work reference letters, in your nominated or closely related occupation should be given to the relevant assessing authority that provided your skills assessment. In circumstances where the company has ceased business, the assessing authority may be able to provide an opinion as they have expert industry knowledge.

      You must provide the department with copies of all the documents that you provide your assessing authorities, should you be invited to apply.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  14. I have submitted my EOI for the profession of ICT Business Analyst under subclass 190 to Victoria State. The EOI was submitted on 30th November 2012 and has been updated twice so far with the changed information. I have no information on
    1) my case has been allocated to a Case Officer or
    2) If my EOI has been approved.

    The priority processing indicates the time frame to be 12 weeks, how do i know if my EOI has been processed with either a negative or positive result. It’s 9 weeks since the EOI has been submitted.

    Thanks ,


    • Hi Kavita,

      Thank you for your comment.

      EOIs are not allocated to a case officer within the Department. The SkillSelect system will automatically select EOIs according to the highest points for the 189 Independent and 489 Sponsored and issue an invitation. In the case of a 190 State & Territory sponsored visa the State Government, in your case Victoria will have to nominate you through SkillSelect and it will generate an invitation for you to apply for that visa.

      Each State and Territory Government have their own process seperate to the Departments. To ensure you have an approved nomination with the Victorian State Government please refer to their website at:

      There are no priority processing times for EOIs, the processing times that you mention most likely refer to visa processing times. EOIs are not a visa application and we cannot guarantee that you will receive an invitation to apply.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  15. Hi I’m from Iraq I am a student in the third stage in Computer Engineering Technology Department I want to edit a wishes to live safely in Australia and work and study there, how I can take visa if possible answer

  16. Hello..i m in 457 working visa and i have been working the same job from last 4 yrs as s partime…its been onlg 8 month i m in sponsership visa….my question is can i apply for a permanent resident visa now or not….thank you santoos….

  17. Hi,

    first of, thank you for introducing skillselect. It has made visa grant to eligible candidates really fast.
    I had a question regarding occupation ceiling list, there seems to have been some updates in ceiling numbers of certain occupations, for example
    Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers
    Music Professionals
    Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals
    Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters
    Authors, and Book and Script Editors
    Land Economists and Valuers
    could you please explain its implications? toes this mean these occupation has no ceiling during this financial year?

    i would greatly appreciate your reply,


    • Hi Jamel,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The occupation ceiling list is a reflection of the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) and there are some occupations on the CSOL that do not have a ceiling limit. Previous publications of the occupation ceilings on our website did display limits where it was not required however this has now been corrected. There are no implications, it just means that we are not expecting a high amount of interest in those professions this financial year.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  18. There is no updated information about the occupation ceilings. There were a few that were very close to the ceiling in December, but there isn’t much information.

    It’s difficult to plan and make important life decisions without proper information. For example, the time frame to resign and to relocate, etc.

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for your post.

      The occupation ceilings update will be posted soon.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  19. Quite Happy to see this article….and its really amazing to hear that the process is so robust and fast..not to mention..but still i really like the EOI..and found it constructive approach…the only glitch we professionals are facing is the degree assessment duration which is still very sow process taking up to 2-3 Months…overall bravo Australia for there efforts in skilled immigration

  20. Hi,

    I go back to my country after I finished my certificate III in aged care TAFE QLD last year. But before I go back home I’ve found an employer who sponsored me and lodge a nomination application for RSMS subclass 857,but sadly its has been refused because I don’t have work experience yet on that area.
    Now I’m just wondering if there is a visa could you recommend that will suites my case?

    Thank you

  21. Hi there,

    Is there any possibility that the pass mark of the subclass 189 will be lowered to 55 as there are not enough 60s in the pool and there are a vast number of unused immigration quota left this financial year?

    Apart from that, in my view, would band 6.5 rather than 7 in all four aspects of IELTS be awarded 10 points? If you haven’t think about it, I suggest that you take it into serious consideration as it’s beneficial for all the candidates and the immigration department as well.



  22. Hello,
    I’ve been invited to apply for 489 family sponsored visa on Nov.2012 and I apply for Visa on Dec.2012 I’ve already taken medical and police clearance and submit with the application. I would like to know how long it takes to be granted a visa. Is there any possibility that I may not get a visa? I have applied for the occupation of computer network and system engineer.

  23. Hi Mairin,

    I applied for my eoi on 19-12-12 and I was invited to apply for the 189 visa on 7-1-13.
    I lodged my application on 18-1-13 and I was wondering how long will it take for the visa to be processed?
    I have seen a few cases where people have got their PR in two weeks.
    I have meet all the requriments and provided all the necessary information.
    I would appreciate if you can give me an estimated time.
    Thanks for your help!

  24. Firstly, I have been following Skill-select and the Results very closely.

    But I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED by the huge delay in updating the results, it takes weeks and months ! Sincerely, I do not see that it should take more than a couple of hours, once the invitation round is held.
    If the Results are not being modified, changed or doctored, then why the delay?

    There can be no justification, since it reflects the slow pace at which a country moves, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can push the people involved.
    Hope it improves to 2 hours.

    Also, initially we could see some graphs etc with more info, that too has been stopped. They were helpful.

    We would also appreciate knowing how many visas have actually been applied for and then granted against each skill (not just invitations).

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your post.

      The results for invitation rounds are published in due course after each round. Occupation ceiling updates are published at regular intervals.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  25. Hello Mairin,

    Is it possible to express my interest for visa subclass 190(State nominated) if I do not have nomination from any state. I understand that I can not apply for visa unless I have a nomination from a state or territory. But If I submit EOI for this visa, can a state or territory possibly view my details and contact me or DIAC regarding nomination?

    Kind Regards

  26. Hello,

    I am preparing to process my application in SkillSelect for EOI but I am confused with subclass 189 and 190. Is there any specific criteria I should be aware of before choosing the subclass. I have more than 8 years of experience with 7 band each in IELTS. Is there any advantages or disadvantages of choosing either one of it over other.


  27. Hi, I want to apply under skillselect migration production engineer – 233513 but I only have just under two years experience. I have done ielts but should I wait until I have over two year to do skills assessment ? Although by the time it comes back it probably will be two years. I ask this because I notice on many regions skill lists they stipulate 2 year minimum. Is this just on the skill assessment or will this be cumulative once skills assessment received. Thank you

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thank you for your post.

      Skills assessing authorities are separate organisations and are not part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. For information on the requirements for your nominated occupation you will need to contact your assessing authority directly.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  28. Hi, We submitted our 189 visa on the 20th of december after being succesfully selected from our EOI but we are still waiting for a case officer to be assigned. Can you please advise me on rough time scales to be given a case officer then from the medicals and police check to getting our visa processed, as we are trying to plan when to complete the sale of our house and to hand notices in at work.
    Many thanks

  29. Hi there

    I encountered some difficulty when entering qualifications (for points) into the EOI.

    Booklet 6 states 10 points are available for points based visas for
    ‘Qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining your skills for your nominated occupation.’

    I have obtained a positive skills assessment from Vetassess who have issued a ‘successful’ skills assessment outcome letter, and an AQF III Certificate as an assessment document. My existing qualification was included as part of this assessment, however, there is no reference to my existing qualifications in the outcome letter.

    Please can you advise if I can claim any points for either the AQF III Certificate or existing qualifications in these circumstances, and how I enter this information into the expression of interest.

    To claim 10 points for the AQF III in the education section, it requires
    start and end dates of study, which I do not have as this was obtained through skills assessment.

    For points to be awarded for ‘other qualifications,’ the guidance notes state “If the client’s qualification was obtained overseas the relevant assessing authority should advise in their report what Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) equivalent their qualification would be categorised under.”

    Is the issue of the AQF III certificate by Vetassess confirmation that my existing qualification is recognised by the assessing authority, despite the fact that this is not made clear in their report/letter?

    I seem to have been going around in circles trying to find out how this should be interpreted for the EOI. Vetassess said they did not advise on this issue, and queries with DIAC and TRA just referred me back to Vetassess.

    I have been unable to clarify this information, despite reading all the
    guidance booklets and notes for the points based visas.

    Any advice you can give in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your post.

      I can appreciate your confusion about what qualification to select. As VETASSESS has considered your Certificate in their assessment you can select “Other Qualification Recognised by an Assessing Authority” from the list.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  30. Hey

    I think the new system implemented last July is a leap ahead for the entire immigration system. It was so easy form me to know all the information I need and also to keep up with updates. As a result to that I filed my case by myself as many did with no migration agent. Still I have encountered a slight issue as my medicals were referred to MOC since 24/10/2012 until this day there was no response from MOC which really made me tired and frustrated taking in consideration that I am healthy young man and the only reason that my mids were referred in the 1st place is because that my home country is classified as a high risk country. My CO is very gentle and responsive he always answers my queries even the most stupid ones. I trust DIAC always keeps an eye for these dark corners and will find some modifications to set things right.

    • Hi Mohamed

      Thank you for your post.

      I am glad to hear your positive comments about the new SkillSelect process. We will take your feedback into account when updating our processes.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  31. Hi,

    Is there any minimum work experience requirement for the 189 Visa?

    I recently graduated with Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the UK. As I am a recent graduate, I do not have any relevant professional work experience as yet.

    I can claim 65 points as below:-

    Age – 25 (30 Points)
    Education -Washington Accord Accredited Bachelors Degree ( 15 points)
    English Language Skills – IELTS: L 9,R 8.5, W 8.5 S 9 (20 Points)

    Can you please confirm if I am eligible to apply for the 189 visa without any relevant professional experience.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Saurin,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Occupatin ceiling report will be updated by the end of this week.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  32. Hi,
    I have lodged my visa applicaion last week. But I couldn’t attach all the required documents because it says ‘ you have reached the maximum number of files that could be attached’. Could you please advise me on further step?

  33. will DIAC lower the minimum pass mark to 55 points soon because there seems to be no many applicants whowe points are more than60 in the pool

    • Thank you for your post

      The pass mark for points based visa subclasses is determined by a consultative process each program year and is then decided on by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

      The points scores for IELTS results have been set by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. We will pass your suggestion on to the Minister for his consideration.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  34. Hi,

    I am a software engineer, having a positive skill assessment from ACS. Currently i have 55 points on the points test. My IELTS score is 6.0. I may need a state sponsorship to reach the 60 points.

    1. Do i need to directly apply to states for sponsorship first?
    Will they find me in skillselect and send me the invitation?

    2. How is my Points will be calculated? (When its adding +5 points)
    3. What will be my new points in EOI? (After sponsorship)

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dilhan,
      Thank you for your post
      Each state and territory has a different procedure for nominating people to migrate. You are best to contact the state or territory government that you are seeking nomination from directly for advise.

      If you select a subclass 190 – state and territory nominated visa you will receive an extra 5 points against that visa subclass, if you select a subclass 489 – state and territory nominated visa you will receive an extra 10 points against that subclass. After adding either of these subclasses your points will not change if you have already selected asubclass 189 – skilled independent visa.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  35. hi
    i am a retail pharmacist i want to know that how much overseas experience do i need before i can submit an expression of interest or i can submit at any time?

  36. Hi,
    I am currently only 55 points. Though I know people with less than 60 points can still lodge their eoi, I just wonder if there is a possibility that pass mark (60 points) is reduced to 55 or less.


    • Dear Mr Leon

      Thank you for your post

      The pass mark for points based visa subclasses is determined by a consultative process each program year and is then decided on by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship.

      The points scores for IELTS results have been set by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. We will pass your suggestion on to the Minister for his consideration.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog

  37. hello.
    i m a mechanical engineer graduate having 3 yrs of experience in a pipe line industry . i secured 7 bands in each module of IELTS . Could u pls tell me about SOL regarding my qualification.

  38. Hi,
    Could i submit EOI while on bridging visa 485?
    Could I apply for 489 if i would be invited while on bridging visa 485?



    • Dear Sam

      You can apply for an EOI while being on a bridging visa however please note EOI is not a visa application and you will not be granted a Bridging visa as EOI process. If you are in Australia and the visa you hold is about to expire before you are invited and able to apply for a skilled visa, you will need to apply for another visa to remain in Australia. If you do not meet the requirements for the grant of another visa, you will need to depart Australia before your visa expires. 

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog

  39. Hi Mairin
    I guess one of the main questions related to Skillselect is the time frame for external checks. I received an invitation 1st of Sep and applied on the 4th, but since then my application is going through external checks. My question would be, has DIAC prioritized these external checks for 189/190 applicants?

    • Dear Mr Mike
      Priority processing arrangements are subject to change in response to the economic climate and the demand for particular skills in the Australian economy.
      The Department is unable to give specific timeframes for when individual applications will be finalised, as this will depend on when the person applied and how many applications are received in higher priority groups. It is not possible to process applications outside of the priority processing arrangements.
      Applicants will only be contacted once their application is allocated to a case officer.

      Current priority processing and allocation date information is available on the Department’s website at:

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog

  40. Hello,

    Having obtained a Master degree in Architecture from an Australian University, do I have to get this one assessed for applying through Skillselect ?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Daniela,

      Thank you for your post.

      As long your Master degree was a CRICOS registered course, it was no less than 2 academic years (16 Calendar months) and you undertook the study in Australia as the holder of a visa authorising you to study.

      In addition Australian Master degrees are only equal to 10 points unless you have an Australian equivalent Bachelor degree then both can equal to 15 points.

      You will generally only be eligible for the award of 10 points if you hold a Masters degree and do not meet the above requirements.  In this circumstance you must select the option of “Other qualification or award recognised by Assessing Authority” in your EOI.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  41. Hi,

    I have lodged my visa application today (189) could you please confirm what is be the time frame to get a response if visa has been granted?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sylwia,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The priority processing arrangements are subject to change in response to the economic climate and the demand for particular skills in the Australian economy.

      I am unable to give specific timeframes for when individual applications will be finalised, as this will depend on when the person applied and how many applications are received in higher priority groups.
      Be assured that it is not possible to process applications outside of the priority processing arrangements and applicants will be contacted once their application is allocated to a case officer.

      The Department’s current priority processing and allocation timeframes are available on the our website at:

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  42. Hi,

    The great thing about this website is that now people need not to go to any agent for their migration issues, every information is provided here very precisely. I really appreciate and at the same time thankful for this.

    However, I have query related to 489 Family Sponsred Visa. I want to know the processing time for this Visa. From the above comments i am amazed to see that few people has been granted this visa within 2-3 months. In the priority list 489 has been categorized as number 4 and the processing time given is 12 months. I have applied this in January, can i also expect this visa within March or April?

    I want to understand whether the processing time is shorten by immi department or those are the luckier ones?

    This is really important for my future planning as i have to resign from my current organization and need to plan other things too.Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Hi Puneet,

      Thank you for your post.

      I am pleased to hear your positive comments about the SkillSelect process.

      I understand the organisation of planning to relocate to another country is important however processing times can change according to what is happening in our Australian economy.

      I am unable to give specific timeframes for when individual applications will be finalised, as this will depend on when the person applied and how many applications are received in higher priority groups.

      In my earlier post to Sylwia I referred her to a link on our website about the timeframes of when applcations are allocated. Once your application is allocated to a case officer they will contact you to advise what will happen next.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  43. Hi,
    I have recently lodged in my application for the independent skilled migration, visa subclass 189, however I am unsure about how to submit the medical examination result which was done less than 6 months ago for my visa 457. I still have the sealed envelop that was provided by Medibank private in September 2012, but I don’t know where to send it to since my application was done online. Could you please advice me on this matter? Thank you very much for your help!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Uyen,

      Thank you for your post.

      I appreciate that it isn’t clear about what you can do about your medical results however specific post lodgement visa enquiries are not suitable in this forum.

      You can submit a post lodgement visa query on our website at:

      Enquiries submitted this way will go to the processing teams and they can refer to your application and give you specific advice on what to do next.

      Thank you for reading the Migration Blog.

  44. Hi,

    I have placed my EOI in Jan 2013 under the category of 261112. I would like to know, has the ceiling already achieved for this sector for the current year,

    If yes when will my EOI could be selected and how many positions may be opened for this category .

    Thanking in advance


  45. Hello, the new Skillselect January report does not contain the visas issued by States, as the previous report did contain this information. Also, could you please update the Occupation Ceilings for January 2013. Thanks

    • Hi Anurag,

      Thank you for your post.

      We will be updating the reports soon.

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog.

  46. Hi there,

    I am currently on a 485 visa (graduate visa). I am a fund accountant employed full-time since 1 sept 2012. I would like to claim 5 points of work experience in November this year.

    CPA assess only the nature of the position (duties and responsibilities) and not its duration (although a minimum of 6 months in the position is required with CPA), whereas I understand that the DIAC look at the duration of the experience and the nature of the position held.

    Here is my question:

    Can I lodge a Skilled employment assessment to CPA now and keep their assessment record to be lodged to DIAC at the time of my expression of interest which will be in 9 months from now?
    I was thinking doing that and providing payslips and a letter from my employer stating the date I have started and the current date of employment.

    Thank you for your diligence,

    Kind regards,


  47. Hi,

    This is a very helpful post. I am a nurse and I would like to submit an EOI. I got 60 points on their skill assessment. However, I read from the website that I need to have my skills assessed by the relevant authorities first before submitting an EOI. Does this mean I have to be an australian registered nurse or take some kind of nursing examination for me to be able to have my EOI? Thank you.

  48. Hi,

    When I invited to apply for a visa, it’s asking to attach documents which represent each points that I claim in my application. Does those documents need to be certified as true copy when attaching ? If so, is it acceptable if I certified the docs by a JP? ( I live in Australia)


  49. Hi, I am currently working as a Production Engineer specialism Automation and Control Engineer. I have just less than 2 yrs experience. I have sat my IELTS test and await result this Friday, I’m hoping for 20 point. I want to get my skills assessed by engineers Australia. Is it best to wait until I have a full two years experience? I ask this as I have noticed that in many states criteria they ask for a minimum of two years experience. Would this experience be calculated from assessment or is it cumulative as time goes on. I want to apply as soon as possible. So if I can get my skills assessed before the two years I can apply as soon as they are received back. Thank you

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I have just responded to a comment from Greg which is very similar to your question.

      May I suggest you read my response to him as I think it will assist you.

      Thanks for reading the Migration Blog.

  50. Hi there!
    i am grateful for this blog, lot of valuable informations in one place..

    Do i have chance to apply for any of those visas as a jeweller (399411)
    9y experience, ielts 7.5
    I am afraid that my occupation is not so much in demand ..

    Thank you for any info..

  51. Hi.
    I applied skilled migration visa(subclass 189)and my application was lodged 4 weeks before. Can i know usually how long is it taken for granting Skilled migration visa?? My friend got permanant visa 3 weeks after she submitted application. But I am still waiting. Thanks.

  52. Hi,

    Where can I take the assessment?

    As well, I am Supervisor in a Call Center and there is no specific post for my profession in the occupation list, Can I be considered under Call or Contact Center Manager and/or Office manager?

    Appreciate your immediate response on this.


  53. Hi, my name is dina suyal I have a friend who has got
    12 years working experience in dairy farm company
    In Saudi Arabia (UAE)he wanted to work in Australia
    Can he apply in skill select ? Will u please kindly
    Reply my quires ?

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