Working after studying in Australia

Did you know that if you recently graduated (or are about to graduate) from an Australian education provider, you might be eligible for the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa? Depending on your qualification, this visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to four years, to gain valuable work experience.

This visa does not restrict the type or amount of work you can do. Employer sponsorship is not required for this visa but it is important to understand that finding a job is your responsibility.

For information on the eligibility requirements for the Temporary Graduate visa, check out the Visa Applicants tab on the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa webpage.

Get your documents ready

If you are completing your course at the end of 2014 and you would like to apply for the Temporary Graduate visa, you may wish to start organising some of your documents now, including:

If these documents are ready when you apply for the visa, your application can be processed quickly. Keep in mind that some documents must be provided when you lodge your application, otherwise your application may be refused.

Not every applicant for the Temporary Graduate visa will need to provide all of these documents.

Check the document checklist to make sure  you have everything ready for your application before you submit it.

89 thoughts on “Working after studying in Australia

  1. Good afternoon
    Do you know if students are allowed to work in Australia on a part time basis at least?
    Say if someone is here on a student visa studying for a degree in Australia.Are they allowed to work part time to support themselves in Australia ?

  2. hi,

    i am just wondering if i am eligible to apply for temporary graduation via. I recently graduated from studying BsScience(Honours)(4 years) major in marine science.

  3. Good afternoon,
    Does the lenght of time that this visa allow us to stay in Australia depend on the career chosen? I knew that this visa was only for 18 months.

    Thank you

  4. I want to know that when I m doing elicos classes . Can I eligible for work 40 hours in fifteen days in elicos classes . Plz give me some guidance I m confused about from this step. Plz reply.

  5. Dear sir.
    I have done my graduation in2014 and i want study more there in australia just gave me one chance i love australia from deep of my heart how i will be apply there pleas tell me

    • Hi Muhammad – in the six months before you apply, you must meet the Australian study requirement. You meet this requirement if you can satisfy us that you have completed one or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications for award by an Australian educational institution as a result of a course(s):
      • that is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
      • for which all instruction was conducted in English
      • that were completed as a result of total of at least two academic years (92 weeks) study
      • that were completed in a total of at least 16 calendar months
      • that have been undertaken while you were in Australia as the holder of a visa authorising you to study.

      English language proficiency courses or enabling programs cannot be used to meet the Australian study requirement. The subclass 485 page on our website has further details on eligibility and the application process:

  6. Dear,

    I would like to know more about the English language test for this 485 visa. Is it general or academic module for IELTS you require? Thanks

  7. Dear Department of Immigration,

    I have lodged the application for visa sub class 485 on 22nd of August and till now I have only received the bridging visa grant led notice and have not contacted by the officer yet.

    I also have provided the needed document.

    Regarding this matter, what can i do now.

  8. Hi, nice post guys, thanks. I was wondering if do you need a bachelor’s degree to apply for this visa? Or if by any chance after completing 2 years of software development at TAFE, diploma and associated degree, can I still apply for the 485?

  9. Its really positive sign for all students, and i believe because of this rule student will try to complete their studies as early as possible. Previously they delay the course because of this stay problem.

  10. HI

    I have just completed my 16units of masters (MPAE) with an exemption of 3 units. and i have completed those 13units in no less than 16 calender month. So i just want to know if I’m eligible for post study work or not? While going through immigration websites, it says “that were completed as a result of total of at least two academic years (92 weeks) study.” & “that were completed in a total of at least 16 calendar months.” I couldn’t understand this. Hope your response regarding my problem helps me to solve my issue.

    Thank you!

    • The course you have completed must have been registered on CRICOS for at least 92 weeks. You must have spent at least 16 months in Australia while completing this course. Some students may take two years to complete a 92 week course, while others take on extra study units or receive exemption and can potentially complete the course in 16 months. So long as your course has been registered for at least 92 weeks and you have been in Australia for 16 months while studying, you will meet the Australian study requirement. See for more information.

  11. Good day!!

    I am taking my bachelor of IT, my friend said the after we finish our bachelor degree here in australia we are able to apply directly as a temporary resident?

    Is the correct?

    Please advice

    Thank you

  12. Good morning.
    What could happen, or what are the opportunities, if i have done my tertiary studies in my country, but been graduated from Curtin university? I have a BA in graphic design and creative advertising. I would like to know if this applies to my situation as well? Many thanks

  13. Hi,
    I applied my first student visa in the early 2011 from Pakistan that was for certificate IV in IT. But I applied my second visa for masters degree in 2012 which I am about finish it soon. Am I eligible for post study stream visa or temporary graduate visa?

    • Hi Absar

      It sounds like you are not eligible for the Post-Study Work stream of the Temporary Graduate visa as you held your first student visa before 5 November 2011. However you may be eligible for the Graduate Work stream depending upon your qualification. More information is at

  14. Hi,

    I graduated on July 2014 and my student visa expired on 31 Augest 2014. I have applied for the 485 visa on 25th of Augest. However, there is a condition which was my bridging visa is not effective until my student visa expire.

    After 31st Augest 2014 I checked Vevo for my visa status and the bridging visa is in effect. I have uploaded all the relevant documents to my immi account ( the last document uploaded on mid of October). Nevertheless, still I have not got any respond from the department (even the department does not allocate any case officer yet). Please advice me regarding this.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Anjana, we appreciate that each applicant wishes to have their application finalised as quickly as possible. We aim to process 75 per cent of applications within the service standards, however, each application presents with unique circumstances and some applications will take longer than average to finalise. You can continue to keep track of your application online. Once it has been allocated to a case officer, the department will contact you. For Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa processing times, see:

  15. Hi there. I’m recently graduated and waiting for my degree to get assessed by the respective authority. I’ve got my student visa valid till march 15. Do I need to rush or I can apply at the beginning of February 15. The reason I’m asking as I heard students are not allowed to stay without study more than 28 days regardless of visa duration. Please let me know as I’m concerned. Thanks

  16. Detail written regarding the the Visa under 485,
    For international students who graduate with a higher education degree from an Australian education provider, regardless of their field of study, Above stream is only available to students who applied for, and were granted, their first student visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011. A visa in this stream can be granted for up to four years from the date the visa is granted, depending on the visa applicant’s qualification.

    That’s mean a person like me gonna file a visa for Masters program in the coming month, after having completed my Master program there is not eligible for the above posted Visa i.e 485!
    Please need a reply!!!

  17. I’ve completed my Masters in November 2010 from Melbourne. Am I eligible for this visa? Or do I have to return for further studies (pursuing a PhD or a graduate certification) in order to find work in Australia? Thanks.

    • Hi Taposhi, you can apply for a permanent visa regardless of holding a 485, you just need to meet the visa requirements at the time you apply.

  18. i have done electronics and communication engineering (4 years) from Nepal. I have completed it in 2013. But i do job when i am doing my bachelor degree. I have all 3 years experience after and before completion of engineering in nepal. What is the necessary criteria to apply PR?

  19. Hi,
    I am in India now. But i have completed my M.E. in Australia in 2011. I came back to India on Sep 2013. I am trying to go back. Am i eligible to apply for this visa?

  20. my sister just graduated from UTS for BS Nursing, she cant get IELTS 7.0 in all bands, thats why she cant get registered as RN (waste of 100k$)

    can she still get this type visa while she is working on her IELTS so she can work anywhere and she can pay the cost of living here in Australia, even if she is not RN yet?

    Her IELTS range from 6.0-7.5.

    • Hi Jen

      If your sister is applying for the Post-Study Work stream, she must demonstrate competent English. In IELTS, this is an average score of 6. If she is applying for the Graduate Work stream, she is required to provide the department with a successful skills assessment test. More information is at

  21. can i get the 485 visa again ? i have completed my studies in masters in 2010 and avail 485 stay for once. am i aligible for it again?

  22. Hi.
    I would like to know if students graduated from “Associate Degree” are eligible for “Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)” visa?

  23. Planning to submit my thesis by the end of Feb, 2015. I have been granted Visa to stay in Australia until oct, 2015. I got enrolled (PhD) in this course in August 2011. My situation begs two question:
    1) Do I have to apply for Post study visa as soon as I submit my Thesis or I have a legal right to stay until oct, 2015.
    2) Am I getting 4 years of post study benefit or its just the old scheme of 18 months.

    Thank you.

  24. Hi, I am a student about to graduate at RMIT VIetnam, which is Australian education provider, so am I eligible to apply for which program above? Thank you

  25. hi,

    I just completed successfully my two years masters in professional accounting from king’s own institute.My COE expires on 10-nov-14, but still I have visa up to 15th of march 2015.

    Can I stay without applying any further visa till 15th of march 2015? the reason for asking this question is that I need time to full fill the next visa requirements. i.e. IELTS and other documents

    if not, how many days I have to launch my next graduate 485 visa/permanent residency ?

  26. Does a year of study abroad in an Australian University computes for the The Australian study requirement?

  27. I graduated last year 2013.but only problem i have english test 6 each. i am still eligible or not. it should be grant this visa after finish the study. there is no english test requriment. But i am very unluck i haven’t had tasty of this visa i love to.

  28. May I submit my application visa 485 first but the IELTS test result later?
    Because I’m still trying to get it.
    Please confirm.
    Thank you very much or your attention.

    Anna Lie

  29. I graduated from Australian university last year and I am now outside Australia, when I check this visa last year it was only eligible for some engineers.
    Can I apply now??

    • Hi Simat, you may be referring to the the Skilled — Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476), which is for engineering graduates. To apply for the 485 visa, applicants must be in Australia.

  30. Hello ! I hav been graduated from Bangalore India, I just want to know know that, I m going to apply fo masters degree in filmmakin in Australia ! So what process should I have to go through??

  31. Its confussing.

    Website stated if you finish diploma you can apply for graduate visa. Can that be assessed too? Or graduate visa is for student who finished bachelors degree in university..

  32. This is an excellent way for eligible graduates to gain suitable work experience before applying for skilled migration.

    It also allows time for a student to build relationships and ties to Australia that may be useful for integrating into Australia or applying for other visa categories.

  33. Hi there, I’m currently on a Graduate Skilled 485 visa which is due to expire next March. What are my options after that if I wish to stay and work? Is the 485 renewable?

    Is sponsorship the only way I can extend my work stay here?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  34. Hi,
    I have graduated in Advanced diploma In Electro technology in dec 2013 and left Australia in feb 2014. Now I wish to return back to Australia so am I eligible for a graduate visa, work visa etc. please recon some …..

  35. I have just finished my Enrolled Nursing studies at TAFE can i still apply for 485 visa and I’m waiting to so my OET

    I have 7s in three bands of ILETS and a 5 in one band I was wandering if I can still apply for 485 visa

  36. Hello, I recently graduated with a degree and my convocation was held in the last week of July 2014. Until when would I still be eligible to apply for the 458 visa ? How does the ‘within 6 months’ rule apply ? Thank you.

  37. I would graduate in Aug 2015. My masters degree program is 18 months. The CRICOS website says the Coursework is 78 weeks. So this means I wont be eligible to apply for Post Study Work Experience? Is there any other possibility?

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