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2012–13 Annual Report out now

2012-13 Annual ReportYou might be interested to know our 2012–13 annual report has been  published and is available online.  The annual report features information about the work of the department, and includes a section on this very blog! Page 12 onwards provides a top-level summary of Australia’s major achievements relating to migration.

One achievement worth mentioning was the successful delivery of the 2012–13 migration programme, which delivered an outcome of 190 000 places—exactly on target with planning levels and illustrating effective programme management and service delivery.

Delivering a migration programme with such precision is a great accomplishment and in practical terms you may be interested in how this is achieved. A significant amount of programme planning and management is involved to ensure that resources are allocated throughout the department to deliver each component of the migration programme. 

In tandem with this, departmental staff in six offices throughout Australia and in 42 offices overseas balance priorities to ensure a visa is granted for every place available in the programme. The complexities involved can’t be overstated and demonstrate the department’s strong programme management and service delivery capabilities.