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Australian employers: are you employing legally?

The department has made it easier than ever before for an Australian employer to check they are employing legal workers.

It is the responsibility of all Australian businesses to ensure the non-citizen workers that they employ or refer have permission to work in Australia. This is regardless of whether workers are sourced directly or through a contractor, labour hire or referral company.

If your worker is an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident

Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents have unlimited permission to work in Australia. A single check confirming this at the time of employment is all that is required.
You don’t need to conduct any other checks where:
•your worker has worked in Australia for five or more years and you have no reason to believe they may be a foreign national; or
•your worker states that they were born in Australia and lived here until at least 10 years old and you have no reason to believe this is not true; or
•your worker provides you with information that their primary and further education was in Australia and you have no reason to believe they may be a foreign national; or
•you have personal knowledge that your worker has lived in Australia long term (10 years or more) and you have no reason to believe they may be a foreign national.

If your worker is a non-citizen

If you have reason to believe your worker may be a non-citizen, you may need to conduct further checks. These checks should be conducted before your worker commences work, before their visa expires and if their circumstances change.

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is the department’s preferred method of checking if a non-citizen is allowed to work in Australia.

You can also ask a non-citizen worker to send their current visa entitlements directly from the department's VEVO Email service.

You will need to confirm the worker's identity and ensure that it matches the VEVO details. VEVO cannot confirm a non-citizen's identity.

Find more information about checking your employees at: www.immi.gov.au/legalworkers