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B sure you can return — for Bridging visa C holders

Can I travel overseas on a Bridging visa C?

Some of you have asked about leaving Australia while waiting for your application for a skilled migration visa to be processed. This is our third blog post about bridging visas and how they affect your ability to travel overseas and return to Australia.

We have already talked about what to do if you hold a Bridging visa A (rather than a substantive visa) and want to travel. 

We also spoke about how a Bridging visa B is the best option for people wanting to leave Australia and return.

This time, we’re talking about what to do if you hold a Bridging visa C and you have applied for a skilled migration visa in Australia. 

If you hold a Bridging visa C

The Bridging visa C only allows you to remain in Australia. It has no travel facility and will cease immediately if you leave Australia, even if you also hold a substantive visa allowing you to travel.

If you only hold a Bridging visa C, we recommend you remain in Australia until your substantive visa application is decided—this is because you are not eligible for the travel bridging visa, the Bridging visa B.

If you have an urgent need to travel overseas, you should contact us to discuss your options before departing.

More information on bridging visas in relation to general skilled migration applications is on our website.