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Can my business get a labour agreement to keep a working holiday maker perfect for the job?

In this post I’ll be discussing a common question we are often asked.

‘I’ve got the perfect employee who is on a working holiday visa. Can my business get a labour agreement to keep them?’

We normally get this enquiry when the occupation in question is not on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List so the employer can’t use standard employer sponsored options such as the subclass 457 visa. The first thing we ask is how much are you paying an Australian worker in this occupation?

If the answer is less than the current temporary skilled migration income threshold (TSMIT) of $51 400, a labour agreement is unlikely to be an option. The TSMIT principle applies to labour agreements just as it does to the subclass 457 visa. The second question we ask relates to labour market need. Have you made genuine efforts to recruit from the local Australian labour market for an extended period of time and can you provide evidence of your efforts?

No matter how great that working holiday maker seems, if there’s a local worker who can do the job or could be trained to do the job, that needs to be your first focus. But if you can show that you’ve seriously tried to recruit a local and that you pay above TSMIT, have a look at our information pack to see if you meet the other requirements, such as a commitment to the training of Australians.