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Coming soon: Facebook live chat about the 457 programme

You might have read our previous post about the review of the integrity in the 457 programme, where we asked for you to comment and provide feedback about the programme as part of the review process. Thanks so much for participating—we have passed all of your comments to the independent panel to consider as part of the review process.

The panel saw this as a great opportunity to connect with 457 visa holders and sponsors. The panel has asked the department to provide stakeholders with a further opportunity to consult by hosting a live chat through our Facebook page.

The live chat will take place on 7 May from 1-2pm AEST. It would be great to hear your views on the integrity of the 457 programme. If you’d like to join in, we suggest you read through the Terms of Reference for the review and invitation to submit to get the most out of the live chat.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the 457 visa programme—though please remember the team will not respond to questions about individual cases or questions not related to the 457 integrity review.

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Comments (2)


457 Should not be a straight forward bridge for the permanent residency. Because lot of dodgy things happen and finally unskilled people just get the PR and then come to job market and search for jobs again.


we all know government is a soft touch,it won't separate work visas from permanent visas, which is a real key change should be made to 457 visa,lgovernment wants to people who have been working in Australia to get PR . As far as I can see, there are too many dodgy 457 applications,what government can say?out of sight, out of mind