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Did you know you need to have health insurance to study in Australia?

All students in Australia who have come from overseas must have a health insurance policy while they are here. It is very important you maintain this health insurance for the whole time you are on a student visa— not just while you are studying. Your insurance must commence from the date you arrive in Australia and remain in effect until you leave, or move to a different visa subclass.  Studying in Australia

Almost all student visa holders are required to maintain a specific type of health insurance known as Overseas Student Health Cover.  The exceptions are for students from Sweden who have insurance provided by CSN International or Kammarkkollegiet, Norwegian students who are covered by the National Insurance Scheme and Belgian students.  You can find out more about visa conditions on our website at www.immi.gov.au/students/visa-conditions.htm.

An Overseas Student Health Cover will cover you for some specialist services and medical emergencies.  However, you may need to pay for certain treatments. You should understand the details of what your policy covers before travelling to Australia.  If you are unsure or cannot understand your policy, you should contact your health insurance provider.

If your education provider or agent is organising Overseas Student Health Cover on your behalf, you should ask when your cover begins and when it ends.  You may be in breach of your visa conditions if you are in Australia without the appropriate cover, even if you were relying on your education provider or your agent to arrange the insurance.  This could result in your visa being cancelled. If you find that your Overseas Student Health Cover is not valid, you should organise for this to be corrected immediately.

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My wife is in Sydney in a student visa since last 4 months. She has her OSHC.
I am planning to accompany her soon applying for a dependent visa. I will need to have an OSHC but wondering if I need to do a double insurance (insurance for a couple) or a single will meet the requirement to apply for a student dependent visa.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.


Hi Niroj. Both couples or single insurance would be acceptable for your student dependant visa. You will need to make sure that your health insurance covers you for the whole time you are planning to be in Australia on a student visa.


Thanks for your question.

Most students will have paid for health insurance to cover their entire proposed stay in Australia before they apply for their visa. You should check your policy or contact your health insurance provider to determine if you have paid for one year or many years.

Your product disclosure statement will detail what kind of services your health insurance will cover. To find out about the minimum services your policy covers, you can go to the Department of Health’s website. See: http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/Publishing.nsf/Content/Overseas+S...

You might also find some useful information on the website of your health insurance provider.


Hi Sundar. You do not need to change your Overseas Student Health Cover policy.

Bupa Medical Visa Services was recently contracted as the new provider of health examinations for visa applicants in Australia. See: http://migrationblog.immi.gov.au/2014/07/28/new-provider-for-visa-medicals/. However, this change did not affect the Overseas Student Health Cover policy.

Overseas Student Health Cover can be obtained from: AHM Health Insurance, Bupa Australia, Medibank Private, Allianz Global Assistance or NIB health funds.


Dear all

I have student visa and overseas Heath cover until the date of visa expires.

I am applying for dependent visa for my wife from India. I just need to know that did she need overseas health as well for that visa.

Thanking you


Hi Parminder. That is correct. Your wife will need to have Overseas Student Health Cover for the full period of her intended stay in Australia to be granted a student visa as a dependant.


Hi Laxman. Thanks for your question.

You will need to purchase additional Overseas Student Health Cover before you apply for your new visa.


Does this insurance need to be paid in yearly basis after we arrive at Australia or it is only needed to be paid while we are applying for visa. It would be a great help if you could mention, what kind of facilities are covered by this health insurance policy.


Hi there
I finished my study on july but my Ohsc expires on october. Im applying my new visa on September. So, do I have to buy the new insurace or I can do it after october when my previous insurance cover expires?


I have got confusion on this new immi OSHC policy. I am on student visa also have OSHC till 3/2016 but not with Bupa. Does it mean I have to change my OSHC? Or I am eligiable till that period and than have to go with BUPA?