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Extending your visa to continue your course

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  • You need to apply for another visa prior to the end of your current visa.

Names of people and education providers in this story are fictional for the purposes of this case study.

Shuxia applied for her visa to do a package course leading to a bachelor degree at Bottlebrush University. She looked forward to living away from home for the first time and studying in Australia.

The first course Shuxia had to undertake was an ELICOS language course. Unfortunately, Shuxia spent to much time enjoying her new life in Australia and did not pass the course. She had to redo the English course again until she passed before she could progress to studying her diploma.

By the time Shuxia passed the ELICOS course and began studying her advanced diploma, she started to take her study more seriously.

All was going well until Shuxia realised her student visa would cease before she would be able to finish her bachelor degree. Two months before her visa expired, Shuxia went to the immigration website to find out about making an application for another student visa.

She found a calculator which would tell her how much her visa would cost her. Shuxia then found the visa application section of the website. She completed a valid application and provided the Visa Application Charge. Shuxia was granted a bridging visa A so that if her current visa ceased before her application was finalised, she could lawfully stay in Australia until the immigration department made a decision about her visa application.

After providing documentation to show her progress at university was good, Shuxia was granted her subclass 573 student visa and was able to finish her bachelor degree.