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Fast-tracked access to Australian visitor visas for 51 more nations

blog photoFifty one countries and regions have been added to the eligibility list for electronic lodgement of Visitor visa (subclass 600) applications from 9 May 2014.
Citizens from 124 countries can now benefit from lodging online to holiday in or visit Australia.
For those who are eligible, travellers to Australia will find the process of applying for a Visitor visa faster than ever.
Online access to these visas is being progressively expanded to all countries.
To check if your country is on the eligibility list, or for more information about online lodgement arrangements for the Visitor visa (subclass 600), see our Visitor visa page: www.immi.gov.au/e_visa/600.htm

Comments (5)

Increased number of countries in visitor visa online application list is a great step in order to promote tourism in Australia, but I am disappointed and puzzled for not having India in this list. May I know the reason for not including India. Is it due to increased number of international students from India as compared to other countries in the list.

Hi Kamaldeep, thanks for your question. It is a phased roll-out and online access to these visas is being progressively expanded to all countries. Any updates about future online expansion of visitor visas will be available on our website.
Thanks for reading the Migration Blog.

Nice to know the addition and we hope there will be more including our country, i.e. India as well, in this list.. There are probably more aspirants from here to experience the great Australian Tourism including specially the breath taking Sydney Beauty and Melbourne City in comparison to many countries in this expedited list. We hope to see the list expanding more soon and thanks for the post.

It's excellent the list has been expanded but it needs to focus on our neighbours more. Afghanis & Yeminis can get an Aus visa online but our neighbours Thais, Indons & Pinoys can't

Glad to see Colombia added to the list!