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Latest news about labour agreements

The department has introduced new specialist teams to manage labour agreement requests. In addition to the specialist teams for meat processing companies and labour hire employers, we now have specialist officers for fishing and fast food industry labour agreements and a large team dedicated to managing the unique needs of resources sector employers.

We have also updated our information packs for standard, on-hire, and meat industry labour agreements. Each pack includes a PDF booklet and Word document containing a business case form and consultation template letter. These are all attached below.

In the six months to 31 December 2012, the department received 48 requests for access to a labour agreement. During the same period, 33 labour agreements were approved, 15 were declined and a further two were withdrawn.

Those approved included employers in agriculture and food processing, transport, specialist construction and engineering recruitment.

The main reason proposed agreements were declined was failure to demonstrate a genuine labour market need to recruit workers from overseas. Employers seeking a labour agreement are required to provide extensive evidence of their efforts to recruit locally first. Without this, we cannot negotiate an agreement.

For more information about labour agreements, visit the department’s website or email the specialist team for your industry.

Resources sector employers: resource.agreements@immi.gov.au

On-hire employers: on-hire.industy@immi.gov.au

Meat processing employers: meat.industry@immi.gov.au

All other industries and employers: labour.agreement.section@immi.gov.au

The attachments referred to in the above post are now outdated and have been removed.