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The Migration Blog celebrates first anniversary!

We’d like to commemorate the first anniversary of the Migration Blog (previously known as the Skilled Migration Blog). A big thank you to all our readers who continue to engage with us.


Jane, Dwaine, Henry, Tom, Ben, Karin and Julien celebrate one year of the Migration Blog!


Since June last year, the blog has posted 74 articles with a variety of content, including skilled migration, family and student visas.

The most successful part of this journey was introducing comments that allowed you to engage and ask questions. We’ve had over 1000 comments since February 2012. 

Our audience is diverse and large. We’ve had approximately 188 000 visits and more than 300 000 page views. Visitors have come from around 180 countries.  About 50 per cent are referred from other websites, and in the past three months, we have seen more than 60 per cent arrive through search engines. This is positive as it shows the blog is becoming a place where information and engagement is commonplace, easy to navigate and most importantly, easy to find.

Thank you again for being involved over the past year and hopefully we will continue to hear from you.

As always, we encourage you to ask questions about our policy and programs as well as share the blog with your friends and colleagues.

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Congratulation Team....Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog, You people are really doing great job...Many confusions are cleared by your post.

All the best


Congratulations guys for celebrating your 1st year anniversary!!! Keep up the good work and we look forward to reading more blogs regarding immigration matters.


Happy birthday to The Migration Blog! Many thanks to all the staff who wrote these informative posts and answered my questions in the posts.


Congratulations guys! Keep up the good work.


Congrats and thanks for all the efforts!


Great work guys. An exceptional platform for a diverse range of information.

Kudos to all of you. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes!


Great Job Guys, You have been providing valuable information without any obligations :)


Hi Migration blog Team,

Really you guys are doing a great job.....otherwise for such quality info we need to go to agents but Thanks to you all as Agent Exploitation rate must have gone down because of U.

I need some clarification:

1. I applied for EOI and it allows me to put in my IELTS results even if it is 36 months (3 years) old.....is it a mistake because IELTS is valid only for 2 years??

2. If it is okay then why states still require IELTS with 2 years validity???

3. DIAC removed threshold requirement of 12months work experience in last 24 months......but states still have it.....WHY???

It would be great if you reply to these Qs and clarify them..



Thanks for your comment Tayyab. We appreciate your feedback.

With respect to your questions, State or Territory governments may have their own requirements and conduct their own assessment of your claims before they nominate you. These requirements are set by each state or territory government. So for example, while the Immigration Department requires 24 months validity, some states or territories may require 36 months validity. This is the same with regard to recent work experience.

It is the decision of the state or territory governments who they choose to nominate based on these requirements. So while visa requirements are set by the department, other requirements are set by the State and Territory Governments.


Hello,Here is my question. whilst the VETTASSE is responsible for assessing the qualification of people holding the bachelor of physical education, it is only responsible for some limited countries and the university of Victoria is responsible for citizens of Iran. i am an Iranian citizen who holds bachelor of physical education( unit group of 4523), would you mind telling me which organization is responsible for assessing my skills and qualifications? thank you very much


what about the first round of invitations? will all priority groups get the invitation or the top 2 or 3 (group 1-3) will get it in the first round?

Also, since EOI gives applicants the freedom to apply for multiple visas, if one has applied for 2 or more categories, will he get 2 or more invitations?


Hi Mani

Invitations for the independent and family sponsored skilled visas will be issued automatically by the SkillSelect system to people with the highest ranking EOIs, subject to occupation ceilings and to those whose points score exceed the current pass mark. The points test pass mark is the minimum number of points required to receive an invitation and not all EOIs that meet the points test pass mark will receive an invitation. The department’s staff will not choose who will receive an invitation.

For the state or territory nominated visas, invitations will be issued to those who are nominated by a state or territory government in SkillSelect. The invitations will be issued as long as the EOI meets the current points test pass mark and the occupation ceiling has not been reached. The state or territory governments may do their own assessment of your claims before they nominate you. DIAC staff will not choose who will receive an invitation.

You can only receive one invitation at a time. If you receive an invitation, your EOI will be suspended and you can not be considered for any invitation rounds whilst your EOI is suspended. Your EOI will remain suspended for 60 days whilst you decide whether to lodge a visa application. If you do not lodge a visa application then your EOI will become active again and you can be considered for invitation rounds.


Congrats first of all for the blog's first anniversary. Please keep up the good work your team is putting up through the blog.

I have a question on SkillSelect. I am not able to post this query under any of the posts on SkillSelect as the comments are closed.

Certain State Sponsorship Programs like South Australia mentions in their site that the applicant is supposed to select only South Australia under the 190 visa option to be processed under their program. If an applicant submits multiple EOIs, will it disqualify him in any way to get his visa?

Your timely response is highly appreciated.


Hi Appu Babu,

When you submit an EOI for the state or territory government nominated visas, you can select that you are interested in nomination from one state or territory government or all state or territory governments. This is your decision to make when you submit an EOI.

You can submit more than one EOI, and this will not disqualify you from receiving invitations. You can only receive two invitations based on your EOI, if you do not action two invitations then your EOI will be removed from SkillSelect.


Hi guys.

This site is proving to be very useful with a lot of my queries.

One question I do have though is with the EOI. I'm going to try to get my qualification approved by one of the authorities as part of the Skills Assessmentbut will this include the need for references from my employer on work experience also?

Thanks in advance


Hi Mark - you will be required to enter details of a complete skills assessment related to your nominated occupation on your EOI.

Information on what the skills assessment authorities may require in order to assess your skills can be found on their websites.

You should visit http://www.immi.gov.au/asri/, search for your nominated occupation and follow the link to the website for the appropriate skills assessment authority for full details on what they require.


Hi, I just became member of this blog and impressed to see the information shared under this blog.

I have few questions on visa subclass 189, could you please guide me where and how can I post those questions.



Hi Daulat - information on the subclass 189 visa can be found at http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-189/

We also have answered many questions about the new visa requirements on our SkillSelect blog posts which you should read if you have any further questions:



Great work, guys. Congratulations and many thanks.
Sorry to ask a question here:
I submitted an EOI on 01.07.12 and I claimed the partner skill point because it only requires IELTS, age and skill assessment on same SOL. But Today I found the document in Skillselect that indicates the evidence you need to submit includes 6 month study or work experience, however in the following paragraph it didn't say we have to meet those requirements. Could I ask a clarification for this? If so, I have to move this point claim, right?

Thank you so much.


Hi Justin - For the new points based skilled migration visas – subclasses 189, 190 and 490, you can claim 5 points for partner skill qualifications. To claim these points your partner must have Competent English, nominate an occupation from the same skilled occupation list as you, have a suitable skills assessment for this nominated occupation and be under 50 years of age. There is no requirement that your partner have recently graduated or have recent skilled work experience.


Hi, Miranda. Thank you for your quick response and clarification. Now I can have a relief. Thanks again and have a good day.