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Moving to a ELICOS course at the advice of your university

400x300 4Moving to a ELICOS course at the advice of your university

  • If you are having difficulties in your course talk to your student advisor.
  • If delaying the commencement of your course to complete an English course confirm your education provider has issued you a new confirmation of enrolment.


Names of people and education providers in this story are fictional for the purposes of this case study.


Bess enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering at Banksia University. She had achieved high marks in her previous schooling in China and was looking forward to commencing her course at Banksia University. Bess had achieved the appropriate IELTS level and was confident she would be able to do well in her chosen course of study.

Bess commenced her first semester but struggled with some of the language used in her course. She also found it hard to keep up with the pace that some of her lecturers spoke. Bess was concerned if she failed her course, her visa may be cancelled and she would have to return to China.

She decided to talk to a student adviser about her situation. After Bess discussed the issue with her student adviser, it was suggested she take an ELICOS level English course for one semester with the expectation she would return to her bachelor degree once her English improved.

Bess was concerned this would affect her student visa. She called the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and asked if she could move to an ELICOS course if she was intending to return to her original study plan.

The immigration officer told her as long as she continued her planned study at the subclass 573 visa level after completing the English course, she will continue to meet her visa conditions. Bess called Banksia University to confirm her enrolment after completing her English course.

Bess completed her English course and then recommenced her bachelor degree.


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Respected sir/madam!
i changed my Uni from SVp to Non Svp, and i completed my two trimesters in Non Svp, but due to non good standard of education the results are not good in non svp, now immigration wants me to get back to SVP university, and i applied in more then 7 universities and they are giving me the same answer that current academic results are not good. and with that reason they are not giving me the admission. i am so much tens in this situation. its my humble request that kindly suggest me that what i need to do now.



Please refer to this blog comment which is more relevant to your circumstance.


I am currently doing bachelors of professional accounting from holmes institute and i will be done with my bachelors next year. Is it possible that I get a COE for master in professional accounting from SVP university and i will start studying there once I am done with my bachelors and my visa is expiring on 15-march-2014 and can I apply for an extension once I get the COE from svp univeristy for my masters degree?
I have already applied in more than 6 svp universities for bachelors as well but they will offer 3 years degree program and no exemptions for my prior studies but with holmes i got exemptions which allows me to finish my bachelors degree next year (less than 3 years) and once i am done with my bachelors i can immediately start my master degree from a svp provider.
Can I do that? Will that effect my student visa extension?
Please reply



Please refer to this blog comment which is more relevant to your circumstance.


What will happen to me if I do not change to a registered SVP provider college???