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A New Year and a New Migration Blog

Sydney Fireworks (Photo: Copuetboy, Flickr)

Hello, happy New Year and thanks for your interest in migration.  For those of you who have engaged with us previously, welcome to a slightly changed Migration Blog.  As some may remember, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) first entered the blogosphere in June 2011, with the Skilled Migration Blog. 

After great success over the past seven months, we've decided to expand the blog to include a much broader range of topics relating to migration.  Family, Students, Working Holiday Makers as well as a host of other visa categories are very important parts of the overall Migration Program and will be explored on these pages in the future.  We will also take the opportunity at various times to publish some of our research.  Including the small name change, we've also changed our domain to: http://migrationblog.immi.gov.au

I encourage you to engage with blog posts. Ask questions and share content if you find the information interesting and informative.  Hopefully our blog continues to grow and provide another avenue for anyone interested in migration to participate.

Cheers Peter Speldewinde, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy Division

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Happy New Year Peter Speldewinde and team we hope this year will bring us lot of fun happy movements and better life. This year I hope DIAC should improve their ability to assist their clients within the time frame and clear the back log as soon as possible otherwise it will keep on building bigger and bigger. Don't know if you can answer or not but again my question to DIAC is how long for the Sep 2008 Skilled Group 5 applications gonna talk which are legging back too far, please give us a hint or any deadline that will be very helpful.

Best regards


Hi Bob

Many thanks for the well wishes and for following our blog. Peter has asked me to answer your question which relates to our recent blog post: http://migrationblog.immi.gov.au/2011/11/25/processing-priority-group-5-...

You may be interested to know that the department has begun to allocate Priority Group 5 cases, and we have updated information about current allocation dates on our website: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-alloc...

We can’t give timeframes about when specific applications will be finalised, because this will depend not only on when the person applied, but also the number of applications received in higher priority groups. The allocation page is updated fortnightly, so the best thing to do is check this page regularly to see how applications are progressing.


Hi DIAC people,

Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for bringing this informative blog to life and keeping it updated. The domain change gave it a lot of credibility.

Looks like there are many of you at work during this quiet period what is good news to many of us.




As you know, Australia is barely populated if you compare it with China or India for example. How soon are you going to let that 1.4 billion of Chinese to populate Australia properly and evenly?


Thanks for your prompt response Karin......(** Not currently allocating) that means to me long waiting without any time frame. hope for the best and please keep updating this blog about the next movement. appreciate your help.


Hi Peter, A very happy new year to you & the entire DIAC team.

I agree, this blog has been helpful since it was put up 7 months ago.

I am an offshore P5 applicant waiting for my application to be processed for the last 4 years. Now another year (2011) passes by and so does another year of my life without any positive progress on my application.

Today (Jan 9th) we seen another update on allocation dates & again it’s been disappointing for all Offshore P5 applicants. We continue to be at the mercy of 'applications received in higher priority groups' .
If People are your business, then please give the people under P5 some guidance or direction on when their applications will get processed, we can then accordingly make our life decisions.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. I trust you empathise with my situation.