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No visa label? No worries.

The Australian Government does not require a person holding a valid Australian visa to have a label in their passport to travel to, enter or remain in Australia.

We started reducing the reliance on visa labels over 15 years ago, when we introduced the ‘label-free’ Electronic Travel Authority system for visitors. Now, millions of people every year travel to Australia without a visa label.

We continue to lead the move towards online services. For a long time now we have issued electronic visas linked to passports, making travel to Australia hassle-free. International commercial airlines and cruise ships verify that passengers have a valid visa before they travel to Australia, generally at the time of issuing a boarding pass.

Visa holders are still given the option of requesting a visa label if other countries require it for transit or exit purposes. From 24 November 2012, a charge for a visa label of $70 AUD was introduced for this non-compulsory service. A visa applicant will only be able to request and pay for a visa label after their visa is granted. Certain exemptions will apply.

Once granted a visa, clients can check their visa details and entitlements online, anytime, anywhere, using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online service, also known as VEVO. VEVO is a free service that lets visa holders and organisations (with the visa holder’s permission) see details of current visas.

No matter what visa you have, if your employer or education provider wants to see proof that you are eligible to work and study in Australia, you can encourage them to register for access to VEVO to see your current visa details and work or study entitlements.

Visit our website for more information about your visa and VEVO.

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No worries, until you have to prove to someone other than an airline that you have a valid visa. Here's an edited email I received about 2 minutes ago from a client who is apparently having 'worries':

"Currently I’ve been trying to re-apply for Medicare and the administers at Medicare won’t accept my visa because it has not been received by me directly from immigration, but through XXXXXX Is there any way you could get immigration to send me my visa?"

DIAC has been advising for about three years now that visa labels are not required, but it does seem to provide more convenience for DIAC than clients. Perhaps more homework is required?


Hi Philip

Thanks for your comment. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and the Department of Human Services (DHS) have arrangements in place to electronically share client information in order to facilitate the Medicare enrolment process.

The majority of our shared clients should not be required to obtain hard-copy information for this process. However, in some circumstances and depending on their individual circumstances,
a client may still be required to provide additional hard-copy evidence of their visa status (such as a visa grant letter).

Information about the Medicare enrolment process is available here. DHS and DIAC continue to work together to improve information sharing arrangements so that we can take a fully ‘paperless’ approach.