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One week left to have your say

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have already had their say on the size and composition of the 2015-16 permanent migration programme.
Have your say promo box2If you want to have your say, you have only one week left before the survey closes – read the discussion paper here and take the survey by 5 December 2014 to have your views considered.

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It is pleasing to see that the The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is prepared to consult with stakeholders over the Planned Migration Programme for 2015-16


I feel there is need to reconsider some conditions of 457 visa transition to PR.
457 visa holders make a great contribution to the Australian economy but they are restricted by having to work for the same employer for 2 years to be eligible for PR.

This in some cases has resulted in 457 visa holders being exploited. These visa holders find it hard to complain because of fear of not being able to be sponsored for PR by their employers in the future.

I think many 457 visa holders would be happy if your department removes the time resetting condition when a 457 visa holder joins a new employer in the same industry. Currently, once a 457 visa holder joins a new employer, he/she is considered as someone who has briefly worked in Australia according 457 to PR regulations. The process goes on and on and if one is not lucky to get a sympathetic and understanding employer, he/she will keep on chasing the cycle without an alternative.

It would be good to recognise and appreciate the contributions of 457 visa holders by providing a simplified transition to PR. Australian employers would have tested the skills of these 457 visa holders and in most cases they are employable without any further training requirements since they are already working in Australia.

In most cases 457 visa holders have proven skills relevant to the Australian market and this can be a benefit to drive the economy and train young Australians. People on 457 visas are people with skills on high demand and they already have experience that is ready to be harvested and stimulate production growth in Australia.

Lastly I would like to commend your department's efforts to get the right balance by opening discussions like this.


Please restart issuing last remaining relative visa again.
Make rules as much strict as u want.
But don't block the way for genuine applicants.
I am badly hit by this rule.
I have no other option to unite with my family.
Please work on this category very seriously and do justice with genuine applicants.


It'll be great if DIBP will consider awarding points for pre-graduate years of working experience of the same field accordingly. I believe that people with many years of working experience as an Accounts Assistant and subsequently gained further experience as an Accountant before obtaining a degree should also be recognise as someone whom can make greater contribution as compared to a fresh grad. In view of globalisation, may I also suggest that some points to be awarded for candidates that having work experience in multi-national companies?

While the minimum criteria of English is competent level with a score of 6 in IELTS (General) for most instance, CPA as an assessment body requires the score of 7 in each component of IELTS Academic. This is a wide gap. Hopefully they will look into lowering the criteria with minimum score of 6 in each components of IELTS Academic to attract suitable candidates in filling up the vacancies in regional areas under GSM visas, since they do accept IELTS score of 6 for temporary subclass visa 485.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Cheers!


Please make easy rules for pr . It will help in the growth of both country and citizens. Please make it easy


Migration of Permanent residency program is more flexible now.But there should be some provisions for persons who studied in Australia.Like myself i studied in Australia but due to less point for age(Above 33) and haven't done professional year course i couldn't make it for Permanent residency or even 489 because still i am short of 5 points.In my country they are saying i don't have Bachelor in IT so there is no meaning for My masters in IT from Australia.When i was applying in Australia they were saying that i don't have any experience.
Now i am in limbo as i am missing Australian lifestyle and culture.And having regret that all doors are closed for me.Even now i cant apply for my degree assessment as they are asking for experience or professional year course.
I missed chance for professional year course and 485 is mandatory for professional year course.I finished my 485 visa now even i cant apply for Professional year course as well.
Government should have to give a chance to the people like me who studied in Australia.If they allowed a visa which can at least lead us to study professional year course we can earn 5 points.
It is my request to consider this point .
Government should also consider upper age limit as more matured and understanding person is better for migration.


My say is that,u should facilitate the skilled people from different countries especially those from developping countries the opportunity to get a temporary or permanent residency as they are hard workers,
Thank u


why only one week? :-) Everything is ok:-) Regards, Adam