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Simpler temporary work visas

Choosing a temporary work visa to suit your circumstances will become easier from November 24 as the department implements changes that are part of the Australian Government’s visa simplification and deregulation  project.

The project will reduce the number of visas by almost 50 per cent, which means less hassle for visa applicants when deciding which visa to choose while enjoying the same benefits that current temporary work visas provide.

Visas that will no longer be available from 24 November include:

People who would have previously applied for one of the above visas can choose from the new simplified temporary work visa group:

Useful FAQs are also available for each of these visa subclasses.

If an applicant is genuinely eligible for a temporary work visa before November 24, they will remain eligible for a simplified visa after that date.

Temporary Work Restructure Chart

Transitional arrangements for sponsors

Current sponsors can continue to sponsor visa application(s) under the new temporary work visa subclasses from 24 November 2012 until the sponsorship ceases.

Obligations as an approved sponsor to any existing visa holders will continue after 24 November 2012. Sponsors cannot use current approved nominations for new temporary work visa applications lodged from November 24.

Please note there are no changes to Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) sponsorship, nomination or application arrangements.

Transitional arrangements for existing visa holders

If you hold an existing temporary work visa, you do not need to do anything. Your current visa will remain valid until the visa expiry date. Current visa holders can check their visa expiry date using VEVO.

For more information see www.immi.gov.au/immigration/temporaryworkvisachanges