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Skills Australia Needs information evenings

Recognising the contribution that skilled migration makes to meeting critical skills shortages in Australia, the Department works with state governments and employers to promote skilled migration through events like Skills Australia Needs.

The event
The most recent Skills Australia Needs event was held in London in June 2011. The objective of the event was to bring together workers in areas of critical skills shortage with Australian state and territory governments and employers to facilitate employer sponsored migration.

The event was highly targeted towards critical skill shortages in Australia in the fields of healthcare, engineering and selected trades. Skilled workers were selected and invited to attend based on work experience and qualifications sought by Australian employers and state and territory governments. Australian employers attended the event and had the opportunity to talk directly with pre-screened skilled workers about job vacancies in their organisation where skilled Australian workers were not available to fill the positions.

An example of a skilled migrant bringing their skills to Australia after attending a Skills Australia Needs event is posted below on 27 June and shows the positive and real outcomes that come from events like these.

Why the UK?
In 2009–10, the United Kingdom was the largest overall source country for skilled migrants, accounting for almost 20 per cent of Australia’s skilled migration program.  It was the:
• largest source country for construction tradespersons and nursing professionals
• second largest source country for automotive tradespersons, electrical tradespersons and medical practitioners
• third largest source country for science, building and engineering professionals.

State Migration Open Days
The event coincided with the State Government Migration Open Days held in Birmingham on 4 June and Bristol on 11 June 2011, jointly hosted by the ACT, NSW, SA, VIC, and WA governments. The deliberate ‘bundling’ of DIAC and state government events provided the opportunity for employers to access a larger pool of skilled workers across the United Kingdom, therefore maximising the value of their visit.

What was the result?
Feedback from employers, state and territory governments and skilled workers indicates that the London information evenings have been a success, with a considerable number of jobs and state sponsorships being offered as a result.  Indeed, employers remain overwhelmingly supportive of future DIAC-led events, indicating that over 100 initial job offers were made during the event.

For Australian employers (particularly within the fields of engineering, health and trades industries) who are interested in attending future DIAC-hosted events, please contact your local Outreach Officer.