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SkillSelect for employers Facebook live chat

If you’re an employer and have a question about how SkillSelect can help you find overseas skilled migrants, or you would like to find out more about SkillSelect, join us on Friday 28 September between 10.30–11.30am AEST to chat with First Assistant Secretary of the Migration and Visa Policy Division, Kruno Kukoc.

While Kruno can’t respond to questions unrelated to the live chat, including individual case enquiries, he will be able to answer general questions about how SkillSelect enables employers to quickly and easily identify potential skilled workers with the skills and attributes needed for their business.

To join in, you need to ‘like’ the department’s Facebook page.

Twitter users can also join our live chat by tweeting @SandihLogan.

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I would like to inquire on how to apply for skilled independent migrant visa; what are the requirements I have to provide?