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SkillSelect Facebook live chat

If you want to find out about SkillSelect and the upcoming changes to our skilled migration program, join us on Thursday 31 May between 4.00 – 5.00pm AEST to chat with the Assistant Secretary Labour Market Branch Peter Speldewinde.

While Peter can’t respond to questions unrelated to the live chat, including individual case inquiries, he will be able to answer general questions about how SkillSelect will work and how changes to the skilled migration program will affect you.

To join in, you need to 'like' the department's Facebook page.

Twitter users can also join our live chat by tweeting @SandihLogan.

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Why don't you use a real live chat (not just comments)
Try the facebook chat called RumbleTalk


The Live Chat was great yesterday. Lots of queries with a variety of questions got shot at the Department but they were handled very professionally and as quickly as one could. More such chats would be a great help to prospective clients, especially since Facebook is one place where one can get so many people in the same place at one time. Just a quick suggestion, if I may, please highlight the fact that people read the 'About' section on the Department's Facebook page so people refrain from posting unnecessary comments. I made once mistake yesterday and got the whip from the Department only because I hadn't read the comments policy earlier.
Best regards,