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Student Guardian visa holders wanting to leave Australia temporarily

IMG_4616If you have a Guardian visa (subclass 580), you have certain conditions attached to your visa to ensure your nominated student(s) has appropriate welfare arrangements in place at all times as they are under the age of 18.

You can enter and leave Australia during the term of the visa, but you cannot leave Australia without the nominating student(s) unless you make alternative welfare arrangements.

If you need to leave Australia without the nominating student(s), you must provide us with evidence on 157N Nomination of a student guardian that:

  • there are compassionate or compelling reasons for doing so
  • you have made suitable alternative arrangements for the accommodation, general welfare and support of the student(s) until your return.

All alternative welfare arrangements must be approved by us and the student’s education provider. You should discuss your circumstances with the education provider as soon as you become aware you may need to travel.

There are two ways you can make alternative welfare arrangements:

  1. You can nominate an alternative student guardian who must be, except in limited circumstances, a parent or relative aged 21 years or over. Form 157N Nomination of a student guardian will outline what documentation you need to provide when nominating a student guardian. Send this form, the education provider’s approval (in a letter or email) and the required documentation to us before you leave Australia.
  2. The student’s education provider can take responsibility for their welfare by issuing a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter which will state the start and end dates for approval of welfare arrangements.

We will advise you if the alternative welfare arrangements have been approved. If welfare arrangements are not considered suitable by us, you cannot leave Australia without your nominating student(s).

If you don’t abide by the conditions of your Guardian visa (subclass 580), your visa may be cancelled and we may also cancel the nominating student’s visa.

For more information about the Guardian visa (subclass 580), go to: http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/580-

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Student visa holders are able to depart and return to Australia if their visa is still valid. The condition not to leave Australia (without the nominating student) is limited to Student Guardian visa (subclass 580) holders.


I am a International student, studying in QUT. My visa will be end of August 2016, but I have to go back to my hometown to do some personal things during the 25/06/2016 to 20/07/2016(the time is end of semester), I still not finish my university study in that time. I want to extend my student visa when I come back. Can I come into Australia when my visa left 1 month?
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Zhihua Yao