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Thanks for stopping by—times a million!

Today we are celebrating over a million page views on the Migration Blog. That’s a huge milestone for us, given the blog’s humble beginnings as the Skilled Migration Blog in June 2011.

Migration word cloudThe blog was originally introduced to share information about the skilled migration programme and has since expanded and we now write about a range of topics relating to temporary and permanent visas. You’d have to agree that one million pages views proves the blog is a great platform to share information about policy development and implementation in the migration and visa policy space.

We appreciate all of you who have stopped by over the last few years, taking time to engage with us through your comments and views. It provides us, as public servants, with a unique opportunity to communicate with you directly and see in real time how many people are interested in the work we do. Your views and questions help shape our policy work and your feedback improves our communication products—and in turn our visa programmes. Thank you.

When the idea formed to create this blog in 2011, there wasn’t a significant social media presence across Commonwealth agencies. Kudos to the individuals who transformed this idea into reality. Thanks should also go to our executive who embraced innovation and the use of social media, trusting the Migration Blog would be a valued resource and a great way to engage with you on migration matters.

We’re always happy to receive your feedback on what topics you’d like us to cover on the blog, so please comment below and let us know what you’d like to see more of in 2014.

In the meantime—here’s to the next million.