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From today, we've changed web and email address


Today marks the official integration of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, as well as the establishment of the Australian Border Force.

To support this integration, our new website was launched at www.border.gov.au, meaning the Migration Blog's address has also changed to migrationblog.border.gov.au. While internet search engines for immi.gov.au and customs.gov.au will redirect to our new web address, please ensure you update your browser's bookmarks.

Our Department's email domain has also changed to firstname.lastname@border.gov.au. While information sent to former @immi.gov.au and @customs.gov.au email addresses will be delivered to the intended recipients at border.gov.au, please update your contact details.

Applications that are accessed using the former immi.gov.au or customs.gov.au websites, such as ImmiAccount, VEVO, ICS or the Customs Connect Facility, will not be affected by this change and will continue to function as normal on our new website.