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Hello - This is the first post on the Skilled Migration Blog. My name is Peter Speldewinde and I am the Assistant Secretary of the Labour Market Branch within the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

The Skilled Migration Blog has been introduced to share with a wider audience the benefits and challenges of skilled migration in Australia. We hope to use the blog to spread understanding of skilled migration and create a more informed environment for policy development and program implementation. We’ll be aiming to start with one post a week with the possibility of ramping it up in the future.

Skilled migration can be a controversial subject. We acknowledge this, however this blog is not about courting controversy. It is about sharing information and data, flagging potential change and communicating with a diverse audience.

The story of skilled migration to Australia is a story of people making a journey, contributing to society and the economy. This blog is intended to contribute to the development of that story. It’s a bit of a pilot project at this stage and in the future, we will be seeking out some feedback.

There are a few things which won’t be discussed on this blog. Individual cases or visas is one. Another is confidential information and data. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship values its client and stakeholder confidentiality and privacy. I will ensure that these issues do not become a distraction for the blog.

I hope you keep reading and spread the word!