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Work and eligibility arrangements for the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa

The Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa offers a great opportunity for recently graduated international students to gain valuable work experience after completing their studies. This work experience helps develop the skills graduates gained during their studies and also makes them more employable upon return to their home country.

It is important to note that applicants need to meet a number of eligibility requirements to be granted the temporary graduate visa. And if the visa is granted, temporary graduate visa holders are responsible for finding their own employment.

Applying for this visa

Many international students make a decision to apply for the temporary graduate visa upon completion of their studies. Graduates can apply for this visa up to six months after completion of their studies.

There is no guarantee that, on the basis of having previously held a student visa, the applicant will meet the requirements to be granted a temporary graduate visa.

Any decision to apply for a temporary graduate visa is an entirely separate process to a student visa application. Depending on their individual circumstances, applicants may be eligible to apply for a temporary graduate visa through either the graduate work stream or the post-study work stream.

For information on the eligibility requirements for the temporary graduate visa, check out the Who Can Apply tab on the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa webpage.

Finding a job

The temporary graduate visa allows recent graduates to spend time in Australia to gain practical work experience to accompany their Australian qualification(s). There are no restrictions on the type of employment that the temporary graduate visa holder may choose to undertake.

It is important to note that finding a job is the responsibility of the temporary graduate visa holder. The Australian government is not responsible for arranging employment—there are many organisations which offer assistance in job seeking, including through the Australian Government’s JobSearch website.

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Can anyone tell me why the 2 year study rule? Why not 1 - 1.5 for Master's since most of them are taking less time to complete? I'm completing a Master's degree and according to this rule having a Master's is not seen any better than a bachelor's degree. Any insight to this would be appreciated!

Thank you for your question Trisha.

The 2-year Australian study requirement ensures the visa applicant has completed a significant amount of study at a local institution and been awarded a qualification that Australian employers recognise and value. This also allows them an opportunity to develop a familiarity with Australian conditions and culture, thereby improving their settlement prospects and their chances of securing employment.

Please see the Australian study requirement factsheet for further detail.

Hi, can you tell me where to go to find a list of eligible jobs for the graduate visa as well as the associated number of years that you can be on this visa for each job? I'm going to be studying veterinary nursing which is on schedule 2. How soon after you've graduated can you apply for this visa? And is there a bridging visa between then or do you have to leave the country and come back once the visa has been granted?

what happens when 485 visa is expiring while an EOI has been lodged and waiting for a CO?? Please advice.

Thank you for your question Mateo.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer individual case specific queries in this forum. It is recommended that you contact the Department to discuss your circumstances as soon as possible. You may do this via telephone on 131 881, or by visiting the nearest departmental office.

Office locations can be found at: www.immi.gov.au/contacts/australia/

I am studying Masters in IT and will graduate in October '13 and after that I will apply for Post Study - Temporary Graduate Visa.
I have 6,6,7,7.5 IELTS bands which I got in August 2011.
I have heard that IELTS is valid for 3 years now.
Do I need to reappear for IELTS exam again or I can use my last IELTS result to fulfill the competent English requirement of 485 visa?

Thank you for your question Abhi.

An applicant has competent English if they achieved the requisite score of at least 6 on each of the four components of speaking, reading, listening and writing in a single International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test and the test was conducted in the three years immediately before the 485 visa application lodgement. You must have this result before you apply.

Thank you for your question Trish.

There are many organisations which provide information to job seekers, including the Australian Government’s JobSearch website. However, as mentioned in the Blog, the Australian government is not responsible for arranging employment for subclass 485 visa holders.

The number of years you can be on this visa is not determined by the type of job. Rather, the length of this visa is based on your qualification and the visa stream. Please refer to eligibility requirements on our website.

I have applied for my wife visa under 485 as subsequent entrant. It becomes more than 5 weeks did hear anything from immi. So It is possible to check up which date file as opened.Could you please send me the link. I will appreciate it.i am bit worried about because my visa getting expire in December.

Thank you.

Hi, how long is the processing time as I am already waiting for the outcome. I applied for it in the first week of July'13.


Thank you for your question ANU.
The department has service standards relating to the time it takes to process visa applications. See: Temporary Graduate Visa Processing Times.

Thank you for your question Sazy.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer individual case specific queries in this forum. You may wish to contact our call centre on 131 881, or visit the nearest departmental office.

Office locations can be found at: www.immi.gov.au/contacts/australia/


I am studying Masters in IT, 2 yr program, I am on student visa 573,streamline processing. Visa valid from july 2012 through august 2014 as per duration of my course. If I am not able to complete the course by august 2014 ,when can I apply for a post study work visa?
Thank you

Hi, I hope to seek some clarification with the 485 visa 2 year Australian study requirement under the Graduate Work Stream.

Can there be more than 1 course included in the application to make up the 2 year duration?

I am a recent graduate in commerce/accounting and have encountered with the problem probably familiar to many graduates. In my industry only 4 companies (Big 4) have their doors open for international students. Everyone else states: "Permanent Residents only". How am I supposed to gain that valuable graduate experience while being on 18 months visa? When I approached HR with the question I was told it is a legal requirement, however, I was not able to find such a law, as DIAC website clearly states that 485 visa holders can work in Australia even on a permanent basis. Are there any initiatives planned to encourage employers to hire graduates?