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Working Abroad Expo – Singapore

More than 2000 residents attended the recent Working Abroad expo in Singapore, with DIAC presentation sessions proving popular throughout.  Many Singapore residents spoke to our experts about migrating to Australia on skilled visas and submitting expressions of interest through SkillSelect. 

There was a variety of nationalities attending the May 11-12 expo, including both Singaporeans and an array of third party nationals.  Most residents who attended were nursing, engineering and IT professionals. Migrants who hold such professions are highly sought after as they are able to assist in filling skill shortages in the Australian labour market.

Overall, the expo was a success for the department, with staff helping highly skilled potential migrants better understand the SkillSelect process and the options available for skilled migration.

There has never been a better time for eligible skilled migrants to come to Australia though SkillSelect, with short processing times for successful applicants.

To find out if your occupation is in demand, check out the SOL/CSOL on: www.immi.gov.au/skilled/sol/

If you have an occupation Australia needs and you can meet the visa requirements, log into SkillSelect today and tell us about yourself and what you can bring to Australia’s workplace at:  www.skillselect.gov.au.

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What are the options available for person with IELTS (G) 6.5 in 3 modules and 6 in one module?
Do you encourage State Sponsorship? can you please refer me any state which can absorb me with this bandscore?


Hi Saad

I would suggest reading the information available on the SkillSelect website for Points Tested visas and factors such as English language. In addition, information on how to claim points for a factor in the points test is available on the SkillSelect Technical support site at : http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/skilled-workers/

Each state and territory has a different procedure for nominating people to migrate. You are best to contact the state or territory government that you are seeking nomination from directly for advice. Details can be found at: http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/2013/04/26/i-am-seeking-state-or-terr...


Thanks for sharing !