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Labour Agreements

Changes to the Minister of Religion application process for employer sponsored visas

Changes have been made to the application process for nominating a Minister of Religion for an employer sponsored visa.

Subclass 457 changes: a labour agreements perspective

It has been a year of change for the subclass 457 visa program.

Latest news about labour agreements

The department has introduced new specialist teams to manage labour agreement requests.

Can my business get a labour agreement to keep a working holiday maker perfect for the job?

In this post I’ll be discussing a common question we are often asked.

‘I’ve got the perfect employee who is on a working holiday visa. Can my business get a labour agreement to keep them?’

Labour agreements—busier, but faster than ever—and with new information packs

Hello again from Labour Agreements Policy section. In this post we won’t be going into what a labour agreement is because we’ve covered that ground before in previous blog posts.

Tourism template labour agreement consultation

The department has received a number of industry submissions in relation to a discussion paper about a proposed template labour agreement to meet the semi-skilled labour needs of emplo

Clarifying who can enter into a labour agreement

Any legally operating Australian business entity, including an industry association, can request access to overseas workers through a labour agreement, provided they meet all the requirements of the program. 

February labour agreement termination a first

The department recently terminated a labour agreement with a company that was found to be in breach of its obligations by employing workers on a casual basis, underpaying them and providing false and misleading information to the department.

Ideas for a labour agreement for the tourism industry

The Department is working together with other government agencies to try to help address the shortage of workers in the Australian tourism and hospitality sectors.

Introducing Labour Agreements

First things first, hello from the Labour Agreement team. 

There’s no denying Labour Agreements can be complicated but I hope that after reading today’s blog they will seem less daunting.  

The first question that must be answered, “What is a Labour Agreement”?

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